Operations & Management

Computer Management Services, Inc. and Omen working together for the National Security Agency

Op ExAs a subcontractor to Omen on the Groundbreaker contract, Computer Management Services, Inc. (CMS) provides the National Security Agency (NSA) with a senior level IT consultant.

NSA awarded the Groundbreaker contract on July 31, 2001 to a Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) -led joint venture, the Eagle Alliance. CSC is the managing partner of the Eagle Alliance, which was formed in partnership with Logicon, a Northrop Grumman company. The contract is estimated to be valued by NSA in excess of $2 billion if all options are exercised. The contract has a potential duration of 10 years.

The Eagle Alliance and its subcontractor companies will provide secure and non-secure telephony and network services, distributed computing services, and enterprise and security management of the non-mission information technology infrastructure at NSA headquarters and surrounding offices. When the contract takes full effect in November, CSC will assume responsibility for transitioning approximately 750 NSA employees into the Eagle Alliance and begin a modernization of the agency’s information technology infrastructure.

The Eagle Alliance was created for and dedicated to NSA and the Groundbreaker program. It will provide a cost-effective model for fulfilling NSA’s requirements and provides a single framework for the delivery of services by all Eagle Alliance members. With full financial backing of CSC and Northrop Grumman, the Eagle Alliance provides a single point of accountability.

global_manufacturing_operations_managementThe Eagle Alliance also includes Strategic Alliance Partners — key members of the delivery team from the beginning, who are committed to the success of Groundbreaker: General Dynamics for telephony and networks, Keane Federal Systems for distributed computing and enterprise management support, as well as Omen Inc. (a small business) to fully integrate the members of the Eagle Alliance Small Business Consortium. Other companies, such as ACS Defense, BTG, CACI, Compaq, TRW, Windemere, Fiber Plus, Verizon and Superior Communications make up the team of Technology and Service Delivery Partners.

As an essential member of the Groundbreaker team, CMS is specifically responsible for the operational distributed computing service delivery for WindowsNT/2000 server systems. As part of the services being performed at NSA, CMS provides operational infrastructure and technical expertise to implement and maintain a highly integrated local and wide area enterprise client/server environments. CMS must meet strategic systems goals and ensure documented service levels for performance and availability. CMS also provides senior level support for the installation, maintenance and upgrade of primarily INTEL (Compaq/Dell) systems.

This government-industry partnership will result in service quality improvements, continuous modernization of NSA’s ITI, as well as a cost avoidance for the Agency over the duration of the contract.

Computer Management Services, Inc. and Verizon working together for the Pentagon

As a subcontractor to Verizon on the Command Communications Survivability Program (CCSP) for the Pentagon Renovation Contract, Computer Management Services, Inc. (CMS) provides the Pentagon with a senior level Deputy Program Manager.

EDS is satisfying the requirement for a Command Communications Survivability Program (CCSP) as prime.

data-centreEDS and it’s team members are responsible for making necessary changes to the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure in the Pentagon and selected DoD facilities associated with the Pentagon. These changes will facilitate the acceleration of planned renovation of Pentagon Common Information Technology infrastructure.

The goal of this program is to ensure redundancy, survivability, recoverability, manageability, availability, scalability and security for four main communications areas. These four main areas are Networks, Mainframe/Servers, Voice, and Messaging. The CCSP Systems Integrator will be responsible for Networks, Mainframe/Servers, and Voice requirements.

The Deputy Program Manager takes direction from the Program Manager to support and ensure all deliverables and obligations from Verizon to EDS under WBS elements are completed as defined under the contractual agreement. Overall responsibilities include but are not limited to responsibility for project performance (voice and network respectfully). Will function as the leader, manager, and coordinator of all contributing disciplines and resources in the completion and management of their respective project. Engage in: assigning tasks; establishing and maintaining task schedules; maintaining liaison between appropriate engineering personnel and the customer to ensure effective coordination of project related efforts; preparing and adhering to project costs and staffing plans; preparing plans, proposals, and briefings. Also provide management of contract negotiations and company representation with customers and subcontractors as required.