Computer Management Services, Inc. and the National Institutes of Health

CMS staff members support the Center for Information Technology (CIT) at NIH. CMS provides and supports a wide range of computer and telecommunication resources to over 20,000 customers at NIH and other federal agencies. As an integral part of the CIT, CMS personnel performs several duties and functions for this organization, including:

  • Operates the NIH Computer Center
  • Provides NIH telecommunications infrastructure
  • Offers training, guidance and support to scientists and administrators throughout NIH of their personal workstations
  • Provides LANs and associated automation technology hardware and software
  • Serves as central systems analysis, design, and programming resource for data processing projects
  • Relates mathematics and computer science to biomedical problems and laboratory medicine
  • Conducts research in mathematical theory
  • Provides consultation and collaboration in the design and implementation of specialized computer systems for laboratory and clinical applications.

CMS provides IT support services to the Division of Customer Support (DCS) at which provides centralized, integrated computer desktop support services to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) computing community and to Center for Information Technology (CIT)’s customers in other Federal agencies. This support encompasses the physical installation and/or de-installation, moves, adds and changes of devices and related peripherals for over 20,000 customers.


The Division of Computer Resources and Technology (DCRT) offers a variety of services to the NIH community to create, edit, and manage Institutes/Centers/Divisions (ICD) Web sites. These services include hosting static pages on the www.nih.gov server, hosting static pages on the SILK server with user-editing capability, HTML conversion/site design, and consultation on individual issues. It is the intention of NIH to continue these current services and to add the capabilities for additional Web application developments for DCRT and ICD.

Many ICDs would like to deliver dynamic content by integrating their back-end database applications with their Web sites. DCRT is considering operating a separate server to host dynamic pages. CMS is to provide the necessary level of effort and expertise to support the DCRT Web Publishing Services (WPS) Program.

CMS maintains the high levels of Web publishing services and maintains DCRT’s cutting edge capabilities for the users of this service. CMS meets with the customer to identify their needs. CMS identifies prominent issues, including: format (e.g., Mac or PC, WordPerfect, Word, or other; format of graphical images and whether conversion is necessary; etc.), number of pages, complexity of document, personnel required, and additional cost options such as home page design and forms. CMS then produces HTML documents suitable for presenting on the World Wide Web. The NIH community uses this mechanism to publish information regarding the conduct, management, and results of biomedical and healthcare research. In addition, CMS converts existing text documents resident on gopher servers to HTML documents.

CMS also provides Web Application Development Support. CMS meets with the customer to identify their needs. CMS also interviews users of the planned application to determine essential criteria and specific function of the on-line database. Customers provide CMS with read/write access privileges of already developed databases residing on an existing server at NIH. CMS then identifies prominent issues, including: characteristics of the database involved, security, user logins and/or the need to assign access privileges, complexity of forms, personnel required, and additional cost options such as advanced form design and/or graphics design.