Corporate Fact Sheet

 corporate-factsCMS has built its reputation over the past fourteen years by providing information technology services to Fortune 500 corporations, federal, state and local governments. CMS, located in Burtonsville, Maryland, provides a professional, diversified, and full-service corporation of customized services in all areas of “Information Technology!”

CMS’s most valuable resource is its highly-trained, responsive, and professional staff. Highly-qualified consultants from the academic, business, and government communities augment the staff. The extensive qualifications of CMS’s staff and consultants allow the corporation to offer a myriad of positions including Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Leaders, System Analysts, Programmer/Analysts, Network Engineers, and Hardware and Software Technicians.

We have partnered with high-profile companies/agencies such as Verizon, Lockheed Martin, CSC, Merrill Lynch, American Express, National Institutes of Health, SAIC, EDS, Unisys, Northrop Grumman and IBM…just to name a few.

The IT industry promises exciting times ahead for all who take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. At CMS we are ready to seize those opportunities. We hope you join us!


Al DeMagnus
Chief Executive Officer